Windshield chip and crack repair is one of the repairs you do not want to put off.  The damage can spread due to weather, temperature changes or the pressure of driving over a bump or pothole.  If the crack spreads to a large portion of your windshield, a new windshield will be required, and that cost will either need to be paid out of pocket or by your insurance company which could increase your insurance premium in the future.  Don’t wait until it’s too late – get it repaired now before it gets expensive.The process of chip and crack repair uses a specialized tool setup to first vacuum air out of the chip. Clear resin is then injected into the damaged area leaving a clear viewing area around the chip or crack and just as important filling it, so it no longer spreads. Mobile service is available providing proper shelter is available if the weather is not appropriate for the repair. Most chips start at $90.

Don’t let a chip become a huge crack!

(the sooner you fix a chip, the less likely you’ll be forced to replace the entire windshield)

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